Nice Guys Finish Last?

A really popular phrase I hear a lot of people say is, ”Nice guys finish last.” And let me tell you, it is the most annoying phrase I’ve ever heard in my LIFE. I really don’t get it. And I am here to tell you: nice guys DON’T finish last. It’s just some lame excuse that some guys use when they can’t get girlfriends. Not only that, it is completely, totally, 100% false.

You know why these douches keep scoring all these nice girls? Because they’re man enough to ask them out. What have you been doing while some other idiot has been flirting with your girl? You’ve just been bellyaching about how she never pays any attention to you and how girls always go for douches and never give nice guys a chance. Umm, wake up call! How is she supposed to know how you feel if you never pick up your skirt, grow a pair, and TELL HER?

Okay, now I know what you’re thinking. “I asked her out, and she still rejected me! Nice guys really do finish last!” Here’s the truth: she might be way out of your league. I mean, you wouldn’t expect Mila Kunis to date that one guy in the coffee shop who’s name nobody remembers. Hate to break it to you, bro, but that may be the case.

Or, if you don’t want to believe that, there are lots of other reasons why she rejected you. Think about it. Are you really a nice guy? I mean, you have to be pretty darn arrogant to call yourself a nice guy and tell everyone that you got rejected because you’re nice. You did not get rejected because you’re nice. NOBODY gets rejected for being nice.

And remember, while you’re so focused on winning over your “dream girl,” there’s probably another nice girl who’s madly in love with you and wishing you’ll stop paying attention to that girl and start paying attention to her instead. Think about it. You know that girl that you always go to whenever you need to rant about how your “dream girl” never pays attention to you? Give her a chance, too. You might be surprised.

Now, if I still haven’t convinced you that you didn’t get rejected because you’re nice and you still think nice guys finish last, just remember. They always save the best for last.


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