Teenagerism #2: Trying to Grow Up

Teenagers are at this weird phase. We’re not grown up yet, but we aren’t little kids anymore either. We feel kind of stuck between being a kid and being an adult. However, too often, we’re told that we’re too young to do things.

So what do we do? We rebel. We try to grow up, to be adults so adults will actually take us seriously. We go against what adults tell us in an effort to prove to them that we ARE, in fact, old enough to handle ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. I know many teens whose parents push them to grow up. They are constantly studying and worrying about college at 13 or 14 years old. They don’t ever get a chance to be kids.

Either way, teens are caught in this huge race to mature and be an adult.

I really don’t understand it. Being a kid is awesome. I remember when I was six years old and the only thing I had to worry about was feeding my Tamagotchi. I didn’t have to care about clothing brands, periods, or acne. Boys still had cooties, and the only thing to cry over was a scraped knee. Life was easy. Why are people in such a rush to grow up? Why do 13-year-olds feel the need to start dating or wearing makeup and putting mousse in their hair? Is growing up really that attractive? What’s so great about having a boyfriend at 13 years old? What are you going to do with one anyways? What’s so great about caking your face with powder and goop? Isn’t life better when you can just run out onto the swingset and play on it for hours?

It makes me kind of sad to look at how much everyone has changed over the years. Many people I knew were the happiest kids in the world in elementary school, but now they’re depressed and stressed-out. This is what growing up is really like. No more happy-go-lucky, innocent fun. Just a lot of unnecessary pressure to get things done.


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