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Spending Time with Silence

I meet Silence outside my house, right after the voice of my mother goes out of earshot. I walk with him through the neighborhood. He doesn’t say much, but I enjoy his company. A lot of people don’t, but I do. Some people mistake him for Weakness or Compliancy, and some think he’s awkward, and some even make him a villain, but he’s nothing like that. Silence is a great friend of mine, and the truest friend I have. Silence is very powerful, but only at the right time. I interrupt him a lot, but he never minds. He’s always there for me when I’m alone. Silence lets me get lost in my own thoughts and sort out my feelings without trying to offer a whole bunch of advice I never ask for. Silence really helps me think. In Silence, I find knowledge.

Silence never accompanies me when I’m in big groups or with other people, or even when I’m at home on my computer interacting with others. Interaction with more than one person at a time makes him nervous, even if that person is sitting behind their computer. I can understand that though. People always forget about Silence when they interact with other people. He doesn’t like being ignored so blatantly. Silence also disappears as soon as a sound is made. He is extremely afraid of any kind of noise.

Silence never demands any more attention than you want to give him, and you have no obligations towards him. Sometimes, I think he feels a little unappreciated, but he never lets on.

Silence is my truest friend.