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I am really mad right now. And when I’m mad, I’m pretty dangerous.

Most people recommend counting to ten, writing my feelings out, or going for a run.

None of that stuff works on me.

I have to punch things. Things that will hurt my hand. And preferably will break. Lucky for me, I’m a martial artist and we break boards all the time. Breaking boards has always helped me deal with my aggravation.

However, I won’t have those boards forever. I need a better way of dealing with my anger or it will catch up to me.

Any suggestions?


People I Hate

If you’re following me on twitter, you would know that there are two kinds of people that I hate.

  1. People that judge me before knowing me. Honestly, what right do you have to tell me what I am based on who I hang out with and what I do? I have a lot of guy friends. That doesn’t make me a slut. I speak my mind. That doesn’t make me a bitch. Don’t judge me before you know me.
  2. People that tell me that I’m incapable of doing something. People always say things like, “Oh, you’re (a girl/just a kid/too small/not powerful enough/etc.). You’ll never be able to accomplish ________.” Honestly people? Don’t tell me I can’t do something you’ve never seen me do. Especially if I know I am capable of completing whatever task set before me.

I have a hard time getting along with a lot of people anyways, and this really makes it worse. People are just so annoying and so difficult to get along with. Lots of little things irritate me about people, but these are the two main reasons why I actually hate people. Most of the time, I tolerate people’s little quirks, even when they irritate me. But once you tell me I’m something I’m not, especially without knowing me, or you tell me I can’t do something because of some innocuous reason, then I have a problem. I have a certain hatred for a few other kinds of people, but those two are the main ones.

What do you guys really hate that people do to you?