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Spending Time with Silence

I meet Silence outside my house, right after the voice of my mother goes out of earshot. I walk with him through the neighborhood. He doesn’t say much, but I enjoy his company. A lot of people don’t, but I do. Some people mistake him for Weakness or Compliancy, and some think he’s awkward, and some even make him a villain, but he’s nothing like that. Silence is a great friend of mine, and the truest friend I have. Silence is very powerful, but only at the right time. I interrupt him a lot, but he never minds. He’s always there for me when I’m alone. Silence lets me get lost in my own thoughts and sort out my feelings without trying to offer a whole bunch of advice I never ask for. Silence really helps me think. In Silence, I find knowledge.

Silence never accompanies me when I’m in big groups or with other people, or even when I’m at home on my computer interacting with others. Interaction with more than one person at a time makes him nervous, even if that person is sitting behind their computer. I can understand that though. People always forget about Silence when they interact with other people. He doesn’t like being ignored so blatantly. Silence also disappears as soon as a sound is made. He is extremely afraid of any kind of noise.

Silence never demands any more attention than you want to give him, and you have no obligations towards him. Sometimes, I think he feels a little unappreciated, but he never lets on.

Silence is my truest friend.



School is something every teenager dreads. It’s a social norm. We hate our teachers, we hate our classmates, we hate all the work and the studying and the waking up early. However, I believe that there is a much bigger problem at hand than just these simple things that teenagers complain about.

The education system in the United States is subpar, if you ask me. Not enough money is going into our students, our schools, and our teachers. Teachers are sitting at their desks behind their computers drinking coffee rather than in front of the classroom teaching the students. They give packets and packets of papers for their students to complete, hand in, and forget all about as soon as they leave the classroom.

Granted, I have had some incredible teachers that did touch my life and made me love a subject I hated before. Math was enjoyable with my Algebra I and Geometry teacher. English was enjoyable with my freshman English teacher. I truly loved Algebra and English while I had those amazing teachers teaching me. Although you may think that it was just because those teachers graded easily or didn’t give much homework, it was quite the opposite. I am a straight-A student, but I got consistent Bs in Algebra I and Geometry because my teacher challenged us so much. She put a problem on the board that really forced us to apply the concepts she taught us and look at them in a whole new light. My freshman English teacher hardly ever gave As on essays. She forced us to look over every single detail and make sure every point was explained thoroughly. However, I still loved them. They forced me to think. They forced me to challenge myself. I was never bored in those classes, counting ceiling tiles and trying to hide my phone as I texted my friends across the room.

On the other hand, I had the easiest time in Biology last year. I slept through class, never studied, and did very little homework. I got straight As in that class, but I hated it. I hated every bit of it. The course was the easiest one I have ever taken, and I hated it. I didn’t even have to do anything. But I hated it. It was boring. I didn’t learn a thing in that class. My teacher didn’t care what I did. She only cared about the work. She didn’t try to challenge me. She didn’t force me to think critically.

Most people I know love easy classes. Classes where the teacher lets you do whatever you want. Classes where the teacher doesn’t assign any work and grades whatever work they do assign very, very easily. But not me.

I want teachers that do things. I want teachers that get up and make the subject fun and interesting. I want teachers that force me to think. I want teachers that remind me that I can’t get by in life by just mindlessly finishing eighty problems and then handing it in. I want teachers that let me voice my opinions. Most of all, I want teachers that encourage my intelligence and encourage me to think on higher levels.

I can’t be the only one, can I?

Teenager Girl-isms: Compliments

I’m kind of an awkward person and I don’t give out very many compliments. It’s just who I am. But I have yet to decide whether not giving out compliments much at all is worse than giving out insincere ones.

I have seen many, many girls tell another girl that their outfit is super cute or hey’re super pretty, and then turn around and just bitch about the same girl five minutes later. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like that scene in Mean Girls where Regina says to a girl, “I like your skirt. Where did you get it?” and then right after the girl leaves, she turns to Cady and says, “That is the ugliest skirt I have ever seen.”

Why do female people feel the need to toss empty compliments back and forth when they mean quite the opposite? It makes no sense to me.

Another thing many girls are guilty of is deflecting compliments. It’s classic.

“Oh, you look so pretty!”

“Ugh no, the hairdresser messed up my haircut and now it looks like there’s a rat nest on my head and I gained like fifteen pounds at my grandmother’s house last weekend. I’m so ugly.”

This happens ALL THE TIME. Then, the complimenter feels bad and continues handing out compliments in an effort to make things better. It just never ends. It is very, very annoying. I hate it.

I don’t know whether girls are doing this because they’re trying to be modest or they’re just trying to fish for compliments, but whatever the reason, STOP IT.

Honestly, I have half a mind to just agree with them and say, “Fine. If you really think so, you’re ugly and fat. Whatever. Don’t take my compliment.” But ordinarily, at that point I just change the subject.

PLEASE just smile, say thank you, and move on, girls. Nobody likes your “I’m so ugly” talk.

Teens and Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Every advertisement tells you to like a page on Facebook, or follow someone on Twitter, or snap a photo and post it to Instagram. It’s nearly impossible to avoid in today’s society. Additionally, it seems that the overwhelming majority of people using social networks are teenagers. Our lives are on the internet. When we eat good food, or crappy food, or any kind of food really, we need to snap a photo of it and put an “artistic” filter on it and post it on Instagram. We tweet every hour to let our followers know what we’re up to, even if we’re just “bored, lying in bed and watching Sherlock.”

And in all honesty, everybody complains about oversharers, but everyone does it.

Social media has done some good in our society. We can connect to our friends very quickly and easily, find out what everyone in town thinks of a new restaurant, and easily see what new movies and such are coming out. However, I feel like there is a lot of drama on social media, especially on Facebook.

A friend of mine blocks people on Facebook when she’s mad. She has gotten mad at me before and threatened to block me. My initial thought (and only thought, actually) when she said that was, “What?” I found it incredibly ridiculous that blocking me on Facebook even counts as a viable threat! It still makes me laugh even right now. I mean, seriously. Go ahead and block me on Facebook. Not like it affects me that much anyways. Interestingly enough, though, this friend of mine consistently threatens to block people when she’s mad at them. I don’t get why she does that. Nobody ever cares and it just makes them want to provoke her even more. She can’t do anything except block people on Facebook!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen an argument on Facebook over the most pointless things. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And of course, it’s under someone’s status for the whole world to see, and you can be sure that they’re enjoying the arguments. Teens are dramatic enough as it is, but if you add a platform like Facebook, where hundreds of “friends” can read everything posted, suddenly everything is amplified. Anyone can add comments that could offend others and light other angry sparks.

YouTube comment arguments are terribly common also. I don’t understand what it is with people, but they always have to call out strangers whenever their opinions differ. Seriously guys, just leave it alone! ONE person thinks One Direction is better than Bon Jovi. Well, too bad for them! They’re missing out on amazing music because they’re too distracted by bubblegum pop and shit. Why does it even matter what some 10-year-old in Nebraska thinks anyways? If you don’t like 1D, don’t listen to them! And don’t expect a ten-year-old to have the same music interests as you do! Another thing I don’t understand is why people watch a music video and say something like, “This music sucks.” If it sucks, then why the hell are you listening to it? That’s just giving the video more views and increasing its publicity.

I use social media sites a lot, but if people would just please stop being such dicks on the Internet, the world would really appreciate it.

Guy Friends

I have more guy friends than girl friends, and I like things better that way. Guy friends are just so much easier to hang out with. They don’t backstab you, they’re honest with you, and you can tell them to shut up and go away and they’ll come back to you tomorrow like nothing ever happened. I’ve never had a problem with guy friends. They’re so much more genuine and they’re not as judgmental.

However, I have met a few guys who were absolute nightmares. They started arguments over little things, whined about everything, and couldn’t understand why I got mad at them when it was midnight and they were still bugging me after I told them I had a lot of work to finish. It drove me crazy.

If a guy friend causes more problems than a girl friend, he isn’t a good guy friend. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t ask for advice or talk about their feelings. I’m just saying that they shouldn’t become huge burdens.

Word of the Moment: Bragplaints

Word of the Moment posts are words that I make up to describe common things that society does.



  1. a comment that attempts to hide a brag in a complaint.

Related forms
bragplaining, bragplains, bragplained, verb
bragplainer, noun

Example: “Ugh, don’t you just hate it when you go somewhere and like, ten guys hit on you?”

This is what someone does when he needs to rub something in someone else’s face without sounding like an asshole.

Formerly known as: humblebrag

Boomerang things

You know what they are. They’re those things that you try so hard to get rid of, but they always come back. You could spend weeks working so hard to get it out of the way, but it always hobbles back to you, taunting you and teasing you, smug in its triumph. They always boomerang right back to you, no matter how hard you work. So here is my list of the top ten things I always try to get rid of but always come back.

  1. Bad friends: This one’s a big one. I know I have that one annoying friend that I try so hard to get rid of, but they just won’t go away. I “forget” to invite them to your gatherings, and I get overly upset when they do one little thing wrong. Heck, sometimes I even ramble on about how bad of a friend I am to them and how they should find other nice people to hang out with. But they just won’t go away. They always forgive me and keep trying to hang out with me. Ugh. (I’ll probably do a full-length rant on this one day.)
  2. Annoying exes: ‘Nuff said.
  3. Zits: Especially being a teenager. I battle with acne on a daily basis. As soon as I get rid of one zit, a whole bunch take its place. No matter how many different face washes and pimple creams I’ve tried.
  4. Body hair: Girls especially know what I’m talking about. Can’t I go hair-free and skip shaving for even a few days?
  5. Weight: I’ll bet everyone can relate to this one. Those ten pounds I lost last month after dieting for half a year? Gained it all back at Christmas dinner at Grandma’s!
  6. Guilt: As soon as I start feeling better about myself, something reminds me of that one thing I did wrong and I feel bad all over again.
  7. Sicknesses: Yep. Get better for a while, and I’m sick again real soon. Especially during cold season.
  8. Clutter: Obviously. That pile of papers I cleaned up on your desk yesterday? It’s back. All the random junk in my garage I sold at that yard sale last month? A new pile of junk has taken its place. Why??
  9. Pests: Didn’t we just call the exterminator last week? Where do all these bugs come from?
  10. That one ugly skirt in the back of my closet: Why is it still there?? Didn’t I put it in the “Donate” box last spring cleaning?