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Teenager Girl-isms: Compliments

I’m kind of an awkward person and I don’t give out very many compliments. It’s just who I am. But I have yet to decide whether not giving out compliments much at all is worse than giving out insincere ones.

I have seen many, many girls tell another girl that their outfit is super cute or hey’re super pretty, and then turn around and just bitch about the same girl five minutes later. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like that scene in Mean Girls where Regina says to a girl, “I like your skirt. Where did you get it?” and then right after the girl leaves, she turns to Cady and says, “That is the ugliest skirt I have ever seen.”

Why do female people feel the need to toss empty compliments back and forth when they mean quite the opposite? It makes no sense to me.

Another thing many girls are guilty of is deflecting compliments. It’s classic.

“Oh, you look so pretty!”

“Ugh no, the hairdresser messed up my haircut and now it looks like there’s a rat nest on my head and I gained like fifteen pounds at my grandmother’s house last weekend. I’m so ugly.”

This happens ALL THE TIME. Then, the complimenter feels bad and continues handing out compliments in an effort to make things better. It just never ends. It is very, very annoying. I hate it.

I don’t know whether girls are doing this because they’re trying to be modest or they’re just trying to fish for compliments, but whatever the reason, STOP IT.

Honestly, I have half a mind to just agree with them and say, “Fine. If you really think so, you’re ugly and fat. Whatever. Don’t take my compliment.” But ordinarily, at that point I just change the subject.

PLEASE just smile, say thank you, and move on, girls. Nobody likes your “I’m so ugly” talk.


Teens and Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Every advertisement tells you to like a page on Facebook, or follow someone on Twitter, or snap a photo and post it to Instagram. It’s nearly impossible to avoid in today’s society. Additionally, it seems that the overwhelming majority of people using social networks are teenagers. Our lives are on the internet. When we eat good food, or crappy food, or any kind of food really, we need to snap a photo of it and put an “artistic” filter on it and post it on Instagram. We tweet every hour to let our followers know what we’re up to, even if we’re just “bored, lying in bed and watching Sherlock.”

And in all honesty, everybody complains about oversharers, but everyone does it.

Social media has done some good in our society. We can connect to our friends very quickly and easily, find out what everyone in town thinks of a new restaurant, and easily see what new movies and such are coming out. However, I feel like there is a lot of drama on social media, especially on Facebook.

A friend of mine blocks people on Facebook when she’s mad. She has gotten mad at me before and threatened to block me. My initial thought (and only thought, actually) when she said that was, “What?” I found it incredibly ridiculous that blocking me on Facebook even counts as a viable threat! It still makes me laugh even right now. I mean, seriously. Go ahead and block me on Facebook. Not like it affects me that much anyways. Interestingly enough, though, this friend of mine consistently threatens to block people when she’s mad at them. I don’t get why she does that. Nobody ever cares and it just makes them want to provoke her even more. She can’t do anything except block people on Facebook!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen an argument on Facebook over the most pointless things. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And of course, it’s under someone’s status for the whole world to see, and you can be sure that they’re enjoying the arguments. Teens are dramatic enough as it is, but if you add a platform like Facebook, where hundreds of “friends” can read everything posted, suddenly everything is amplified. Anyone can add comments that could offend others and light other angry sparks.

YouTube comment arguments are terribly common also. I don’t understand what it is with people, but they always have to call out strangers whenever their opinions differ. Seriously guys, just leave it alone! ONE person thinks One Direction is better than Bon Jovi. Well, too bad for them! They’re missing out on amazing music because they’re too distracted by bubblegum pop and shit. Why does it even matter what some 10-year-old in Nebraska thinks anyways? If you don’t like 1D, don’t listen to them! And don’t expect a ten-year-old to have the same music interests as you do! Another thing I don’t understand is why people watch a music video and say something like, “This music sucks.” If it sucks, then why the hell are you listening to it? That’s just giving the video more views and increasing its publicity.

I use social media sites a lot, but if people would just please stop being such dicks on the Internet, the world would really appreciate it.

Word of the Moment: Bragplaints

Word of the Moment posts are words that I make up to describe common things that society does.



  1. a comment that attempts to hide a brag in a complaint.

Related forms
bragplaining, bragplains, bragplained, verb
bragplainer, noun

Example: “Ugh, don’t you just hate it when you go somewhere and like, ten guys hit on you?”

This is what someone does when he needs to rub something in someone else’s face without sounding like an asshole.

Formerly known as: humblebrag

Boomerang things

You know what they are. They’re those things that you try so hard to get rid of, but they always come back. You could spend weeks working so hard to get it out of the way, but it always hobbles back to you, taunting you and teasing you, smug in its triumph. They always boomerang right back to you, no matter how hard you work. So here is my list of the top ten things I always try to get rid of but always come back.

  1. Bad friends: This one’s a big one. I know I have that one annoying friend that I try so hard to get rid of, but they just won’t go away. I “forget” to invite them to your gatherings, and I get overly upset when they do one little thing wrong. Heck, sometimes I even ramble on about how bad of a friend I am to them and how they should find other nice people to hang out with. But they just won’t go away. They always forgive me and keep trying to hang out with me. Ugh. (I’ll probably do a full-length rant on this one day.)
  2. Annoying exes: ‘Nuff said.
  3. Zits: Especially being a teenager. I battle with acne on a daily basis. As soon as I get rid of one zit, a whole bunch take its place. No matter how many different face washes and pimple creams I’ve tried.
  4. Body hair: Girls especially know what I’m talking about. Can’t I go hair-free and skip shaving for even a few days?
  5. Weight: I’ll bet everyone can relate to this one. Those ten pounds I lost last month after dieting for half a year? Gained it all back at Christmas dinner at Grandma’s!
  6. Guilt: As soon as I start feeling better about myself, something reminds me of that one thing I did wrong and I feel bad all over again.
  7. Sicknesses: Yep. Get better for a while, and I’m sick again real soon. Especially during cold season.
  8. Clutter: Obviously. That pile of papers I cleaned up on your desk yesterday? It’s back. All the random junk in my garage I sold at that yard sale last month? A new pile of junk has taken its place. Why??
  9. Pests: Didn’t we just call the exterminator last week? Where do all these bugs come from?
  10. That one ugly skirt in the back of my closet: Why is it still there?? Didn’t I put it in the “Donate” box last spring cleaning?

Teenagerism #2: Trying to Grow Up

Teenagers are at this weird phase. We’re not grown up yet, but we aren’t little kids anymore either. We feel kind of stuck between being a kid and being an adult. However, too often, we’re told that we’re too young to do things.

So what do we do? We rebel. We try to grow up, to be adults so adults will actually take us seriously. We go against what adults tell us in an effort to prove to them that we ARE, in fact, old enough to handle ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. I know many teens whose parents push them to grow up. They are constantly studying and worrying about college at 13 or 14 years old. They don’t ever get a chance to be kids.

Either way, teens are caught in this huge race to mature and be an adult.

I really don’t understand it. Being a kid is awesome. I remember when I was six years old and the only thing I had to worry about was feeding my Tamagotchi. I didn’t have to care about clothing brands, periods, or acne. Boys still had cooties, and the only thing to cry over was a scraped knee. Life was easy. Why are people in such a rush to grow up? Why do 13-year-olds feel the need to start dating or wearing makeup and putting mousse in their hair? Is growing up really that attractive? What’s so great about having a boyfriend at 13 years old? What are you going to do with one anyways? What’s so great about caking your face with powder and goop? Isn’t life better when you can just run out onto the swingset and play on it for hours?

It makes me kind of sad to look at how much everyone has changed over the years. Many people I knew were the happiest kids in the world in elementary school, but now they’re depressed and stressed-out. This is what growing up is really like. No more happy-go-lucky, innocent fun. Just a lot of unnecessary pressure to get things done.

People I Hate

If you’re following me on twitter, you would know that there are two kinds of people that I hate.

  1. People that judge me before knowing me. Honestly, what right do you have to tell me what I am based on who I hang out with and what I do? I have a lot of guy friends. That doesn’t make me a slut. I speak my mind. That doesn’t make me a bitch. Don’t judge me before you know me.
  2. People that tell me that I’m incapable of doing something. People always say things like, “Oh, you’re (a girl/just a kid/too small/not powerful enough/etc.). You’ll never be able to accomplish ________.” Honestly people? Don’t tell me I can’t do something you’ve never seen me do. Especially if I know I am capable of completing whatever task set before me.

I have a hard time getting along with a lot of people anyways, and this really makes it worse. People are just so annoying and so difficult to get along with. Lots of little things irritate me about people, but these are the two main reasons why I actually hate people. Most of the time, I tolerate people’s little quirks, even when they irritate me. But once you tell me I’m something I’m not, especially without knowing me, or you tell me I can’t do something because of some innocuous reason, then I have a problem. I have a certain hatred for a few other kinds of people, but those two are the main ones.

What do you guys really hate that people do to you?

So this is what teens call “love”…

Young love...

Young love… (Photo credit: Joits)

*Note: this is one of my more serious posts. It just kinda turned out that way. Let me know what you think about the slight change of voice.

I’m not a believer in young love. I don’t think that teenagers really know what love is. I don’t think teenagers can feel true love. I don’t believe that “puppy love,” to borrow the colloquialism, can last, except in the most rare cases. And those rare cases make epic love stories. But that’s besides the point.

Teenage romances are sweet, but short. We like these relationships to be taken seriously, although most don’t last longer than a few months. While they last, they are extremely sweet, sometimes to the point that it’s sickening. However, they are filled with constant drama.

It’s in the nature of teenagers. We cause lots and lots of drama over unnecessary things. Blame the hormones. There are conversations all throughout the buildings of middle schools and high schools.

“Hey, did you hear? Jenny and Robert are a thing now.”

“OMG really? Jenny and Sam would make a way cuter couple though.”

“Oh, you’re just jealous because you like Robert.”

This kind of gossip is heard everywhere. It’s in every whisper from best friend to best friend, every circle discussion between a group (especially groups of girls), every conversation in the locker rooms after gym class. It’s impossible to escape relationship talk.

As soon as people learn that a guy likes a girl, the pressure is all on him to ask her out. Everyone is urging him to go talk to her. Everyone is pushing him to put his arm around her. Everyone insists that they would make “the perfect couple” and that they were “made for each other.”

Eventually, the boy may cave in and ask the girl out.

If she says yes, everyone is super excited for about a week, then they figure out someone else likes someone else and the whole cycle continues. The relationship lasts for a few months, then for whatever reason, the breakup happens. Maybe her best friend decided that he wasn’t right for her. Maybe he was spending too much time with his bros and she felt like she wasn’t important enough in his life. The reason is superficial. At least one person in the relationship becomes depressed for a month, then decides to pick themselves back up and focus on something important. And the cycle repeats.

If she says no, she normally says something along the lines of, “I hope we can still be friends.” The guy gets his hopes up for a little while, realizes that it’s not worth it, and leaves. The cycle repeats when the world figures out he likes someone else.

On the girl’s side of things, however, things are a little different. I’m not going to be sexist or anything, but I will stay in the general “social norm” that the guy asks the girl out. That’s how it is in most cases, and it makes it easier to write about this way.

So, people find out that the girl likes someone. The whispers and the gossip are all around. She is often pressured to ask if the boy likes her back. Sometimes, her friends get involved and ask around. She often cries to her best friend, pining over him and sighing over the fact that he may not like her back. All she’s thinking is, “What if he doesn’t like me back? What am I going to do?” Obviously, her excitement is through the roof if he asks her out. However, if he doesn’t like her back, she’ll fall into a depressive state for a month. Sometimes longer. She’ll cry to her best friend, moaning about how much she loved him and how there is no other boy in the world like him. Then, she decides to pick herself back up and put herself back into reality and everything’s all happy again. And the cycle repeats itself again.

I speak from personal experience. However, I’m not the girl pining and sighing over a boy. I have better things to think about than that.

I am always the best friend. The one the guy talks to when he needs girl advice. The one the girl talks to when she needs to cry. The one that’s forgotten in every love story ever written. Maybe that’s why I hate romances. I’m that best friend, sidelined while a romance unfolds, always left out of the epic love story. You might say that it’s not about the best friend, it’s about the romance. However, I’d really like some credit. I’m usually the reason that the guy got the girl. I’m the reason why the girl can be happy again after finding out he doesn’t like her back. I’m the one with the shoulder to cry on when the breakups happen. I might not be an important character to the ones reading the story, but I sure as hell am an important character to the ones involved in the romance.

Being the best friend is not an easy task. I watch my friends fall in love and get hurt over and over and over again. I’ve learned from their mistakes and eventually, I’ve learned that none of it is really worth it. I go through so much heartache. Not as much as the girl who just got dumped, but I have to watch friend after friend after friend get dumped. I have to console them and comfort them and tell them that everything will be okay. It hurts every time to see a friend so upset. And it wears on me. I hate watching my friends get hurt.

But every time, I’m the one that dries their tears.